D.El.Ed (Diploma In Elementary Education)

Structure of D.El.Ed. Curriculum

Sr.No.Course Title  Maximum Marks  TheoryAssessmentPractical
Year 1Theory    
101Childhood and Development of Children  1005020 30
102Contemporary Indian Society  1007030               —
103Education , Society, Curriculum and Learners  1007030 
104Pedagogy and ICT Across the curriculum  70351520
105Pedagogy of Environmental Studies  1007030 
106Learning Mother Tongue and other Languages-In and   outside the school1007030 
107Pedagogy of Mathematics  1007030 
108 Proficiency in English  503515 
109Children’s Physical and Emotional Health, Yoga and Education-I  100351550
 Creative Drama, Fine Arts and Education  50  50
 Work and Education  30  30
 School Internship  250  250
 Total Marks  1150   
Sr. No.Course Title  Maximum Marks  TheoryAssessmentPractical
Year 2Theory    
201Cognition, Learning and the Socio-Cultural Context50301010
202School Culture, Leadership and Change503515 
203Pedagogy of Social Science Education  1007030 
204Pedagogy of English Language1007030 
205    Pedagogy of Science Education100602020
206Pedagogy of Punjabi Language  503515 
207Pedagogy of Hindi  503515 
208Diversity, Gender and Inclusive Education  503515 
209Children’s Physical and Emotional Health, Yoga and Education-II100351550
 Towards Self-understanding and Evolving an Educational Vision50  50
 Creative Drama, Fine Arts and Education  50  50
 School Internship  200  150
 Total Marks  950   
 Grand marks2100